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Civil Forms

Title Number Date Form Instructions
Bill of Costs AO-133 12/2009 PDF icon ao133.pdf
Certificate of Electronic Service (for use in Social Security Cases) CV-20 05/2020 File CV-20.docx
Certificate of Service CV-10 05/2020 File CV-10.docx
Certification of Notice to Plaintiff re: Attorney Fees CV-25 01/2014 PDF icon CV-25.pdf
Civil Cover Sheet JS-44 10/2020 PDF icon js_044.pdf
Consent to Magistrate - Dispositive Motion AO-85a 02/2017 PDF icon ao085a.pdf
Consent to a Magistrate Judge for Trial AO-85 02/2017 PDF icon ao085.pdf
Corporate Disclosure Statement CV-24 05/2020 File CV-24.docx
Discovery Protective Order Package w/o Highly Confidential Language CV-29 12/2021 File CV-29.docx
Discovery Protective Order with Highly Confidential Language CV-29a 12/2021 File CV-29a.docx
Exhibit List CV-16 06/2014 Microsoft Office document icon CV-16.doc
Exhibit List for Trial/Hearing CV-16a 05/2020 File CV-16a.docx
Joint Status Report CV-03 05/2020 File CV-03.docx
Notice of Change of Address CV-28 06/2020 File CV-28.docx
Notice of Party Name Correction CV-26 06/2020 File CV-26.docx
Service of a Summons AO-398 01/2009 PDF icon ao398.pdf
Statement as to Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction CV-30 03/2021 File CV-30.docx
Status Report on Removed Action CV-22 02/2014 File CV-22.docx
Subpoena to Appear and Testify in a Civil Action AO-88 02/2014 PDF icon ao088.pdf
Subpoena to Produce Documents, etc. AO-88B 02/2014 PDF icon ao088b.pdf
Subpoena to Testify at a Deposition in a Civil Action AO-088A 12/2020 PDF icon ao088a.pdf
Summons in a Civil Action AO-440 06/2012 PDF icon ao440.pdf
Summons on Third-Party Complaint AO-441 07/2010 PDF icon ao441.pdf
Temporary Restraining Order Information Sheet CV-14 05/2020 File CV-14.docx
Waiver of the Service of Summons AO-399 01/2009 PDF icon ao399.pdf
Warrant to Seize Property Subject to Forfeiture AO-109 11/2013 PDF icon ao109.pdf
Witness List CV-15 06/2014 File CV-15.docx
Witness List for Trial/Hearing CV-15a 05/2020 File CV-15a.docx
Writ of Execution DC-11 07/2020 File DC-11.docx PDF icon DC-11 Instructions.pdf
Attorney Appearance AO-458M 10/2009 PDF icon AO-458.pdf
Redaction of Transcript Request CR-25 04/2014 Microsoft Office document icon CR-25.doc
Service of Process USM-285 01/2021 PDF icon usm285.pdf PDF icon USM-285 Instructions.pdf