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Criminal Forms

Title Number Date Form Instructions
Attorney Appearance AO-458M 10/2009 PDF icon AO-458.pdf
Criminal Complaint AO-91 11/2011 PDF icon ao091.pdf
Petition to Enter Plea of Guilty CR-05 08/2012 File CR-05.docx
Redaction of Transcript Request CR-25 04/2014 Microsoft Office document icon CR-25.doc
Subpoena to Produce Documents, Information, or Objects in a Criminal Case AO-89B 07/2016 PDF icon ao089b.pdf
Subpoena to Testify Before a Grand Jury AO-110 06/2009 PDF icon ao110.pdf
Subpoena to Testify at a Deposition AO-90 08/2009 PDF icon ao090.pdf
Subpoena to Testify at a Hearing or Trial AO-89 08/2009 PDF icon ao089.pdf
Summons in a Criminal Case AO-83 06/2009 PDF icon ao083.pdf
Waiver of Appearance at Arraignment CR-15 02/2020 File CR-15P.docx
Waiver of Counsel CR-09 02/2020 File CR-09P.docx
Waiver of Jury Trial CR-10 02/2020 File CR-10.docm
Waiver of Minimum Time to Trial CR-06P 02/2020 File CR-06P.docx
Waiver of Right to Separate Representation CR-08P 02/2020 File CR-08.docx
Waiver of Speedy Trial CR-06 02/2020 File CR-06.docx
Waiver of an Indictment AO-455 01/2009 PDF icon ao455.pdf
Warrant - Arrest AO-442 11/2011 PDF icon ao442.pdf
Warrant - Search and Seizure AO-93 11/2013 PDF icon ao093.pdf
Warrant - Search and Seizure on Oral Testimony AO-93A 11/2013 PDF icon ao093a.pdf
Warrant - Search Application AO-106 04/2010 PDF icon ao106.pdf
Warrant - Seize Property Subject to Forfeiture Application AO-108 06/2009 PDF icon ao108.pdf
Warrant - Seize Property Subject to Forfeiture AO-109 11/2013 PDF icon ao109.pdf
Warrant - Tracking Application AO-102 01/2009 PDF icon ao102.pdf
Warrant - Tracking AO-104 07/2016 PDF icon ao104.pdf