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Administrative Checklist for Contract Interpreters

Background Checks

  • Contract Court Interpreters are subject to background checks and must be fingerprinted by the court every two years.


  • Does your bill comport with the agreed rate, as established in your contract? For purposes of billing, please note that "half-day" is defined as 0-4 hours, regardless of time of day, and that "full-day" is defined as 4-8 hours, regardless of time of day. Overtime is anything over 8 hours.


  • Did you turn in your contract? Please return all contracts issued to you by the Interpreter Coordinator promptly via mail to the Interpreter Coordinator.  Do not fax or e-mail your contract, as the office needs an original signature for its records. Be sure to return all the pages of the contract. Failure to return a contract as specified above will delay the payment of your invoice.


  • Did you sign your invoice? Please be sure to sign your invoice. We cannot process payment without your signature.
  • Did you attach receipts to your invoice? If you are seeking reimbursement for travel expenses, including public transportation, parking, or tolls that are more than $25 for any single expense, please attach those receipts to your invoice. The court cannot reimburse such charges without receipts.
  • Did you turn in your invoice? Use of our invoice form is required. Please submit your invoice within 30 days of completion of an assignment. Please mail invoices to the Court Clerk.

Submitting Documents to the Court

  • All contracts and invoices should be mailed to:

    Court Clerk
    U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma
    333 W. 4th St. Rm. 411, Tulsa OK 74103