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This database is intended to provide images of the paper docket sheets 1) from cases that are not available on PACER and CM/ECF and 2) from cases that have part of the record on a paper docket sheet and part of the record on PACER and CM/ECF.

Docket sheets for Civil Cases filed after August 1992, beginning with case no. 92-CV-756, and Criminal Cases filed after June 1994, beginning with case no. 94-CR-92, are not available in this database, but are available only on PACER and CM/ECF.

Images of all paper docket sheets from cases filed within the time periods listed below have been scanned and are available in this database.

Criminal Cases - 5/3/35 - 6/94
Civil Cases - 2/14/46 - 8/92
Miscellaneous Cases - 7/2/51 - 12/92

The docket sheets for the time periods listed below are not in this database and are only available from the National Archives in Ft. Worth, TX.

Criminal Cases - 1925 - 1945 - (#1 through #11,000)
Civil Cases - 1938 - 1946 - (#1 through #1,750)
Equity Cases - 1925 - 1938 - (#1 through #1,299)
Law Cases - 1925 - 1938 - (#1 through #2,729)

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