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Court Fees

Abstract of Judgment - Preparation $3.00
Apostille $5.00
Appeal to District Judge re: Magistrate Case Ruling $38.00
Attorney Admission Fee $200.00
Certificate of Good Standing/Duplicate Attorney Certificate $19.00
Certification of Documents (Per Document) $11.00
Certification of Judgment for Registration in Another District - Preparation $5.00
Copies per Page (Copies made by the Court) $0.50
Copies per Page (Copies made from Public Terminals) $0.10
Copy of Magnetic (Magistrate) Tape Recording on Tape or CD $31.00
Complaint/Notice of Removal ($350 Filing Fee and $50 Administrative Fee) $400.00
CVB Violation Notice Processed $30.00
Exemplification Fee (Per Document) $22.00
Habeas Corpus $5.00
Miscellaneous Filing Fee $47.00
Notice of Appeal Fee $505.00
NSF Fee - Any payment returned or denied for insufficient funds $53.00
Power of Attorney/Revocation of Power $47.00
Pro Hac Vice (Limited Admission) Fee $50.00
Retrieval of Document(s) Electronically from the Federal Records Center:
  • Judiciary administrative fee
  • FRC pull and re-file fee
  • FRC transmission fee per page (max of 100 pages from same case in same box)

Retrieval of File from the Federal Records Center (1st Box) $64.00
Retrieval of File from the Federal Records Center (Each Add'l Box) $39.00
Searches (Per Name) $31.00