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Local Counsel Requirements

Local Counsel Requirements are covered under Local Civil Rule 83.3 which states in part:

  • Responsibilities of Non-Resident Counsel. When representing a party in this Court, any attorney who is not a resident of, and does not maintain an office in, Oklahoma shall show association with an attorney who is personally appearing in the action and who is a resident of the State and maintains a law office within the State of Oklahoma, and who has been duly and regularly admitted to practice in this Court.
  • Responsibilities of Local Counsel. It is the responsibility of local counsel appearing in any civil case to file the motion of the non-resident attorney to be admitted pro hac vice and to certify in the motion that the non-resident attorney is a member in good standing of the bar of the highest court of the state where the non-resident attorney resides or is licensed. The local attorney shall sign the first pleading filed and shall continue in the case unless other local counsel is substituted. Any notice, pleading or other paper may be served upon the local counsel with the same effect as if personally served on the non-resident attorney.