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Courtroom Audio System

  • ADA Accommodations: For ADA accommodations related to the courtroom audio/video systems, please contact the appropriate courtroom deputy.
  • Auxiliary Devices: Audio input capabilities are available for auxiliary devices such as laptop computers, cassette decks, and digital recorders. Audio connectors are provided on the presentation cart and on the connection plates at the attorney locations.
  • Bench Conference: When a bench conference is called, only the bench conference microphone is on, and all other courtroom microphones are temporarily disabled. Mask noise is played over all speakers.
  • Induction Neck Loop for the Hearing Impaired: The Court has an induction neck loop available for the hearing impaired. Incoming sound is fed directly to the hearing aid. The induction neck loop transmits the audio signal from the receiver to hearing aids with a telecoil ("T") switch, acting as a substitute for a headset.
  • Infrared System: Each courtroom also has a two-channel infrared system for the hearing impaired and for foreign language interpretation. Arrangements should be made in advance with the Courtroom Deputy if you need to use the infrared system.
    Transmitters, which are mounted in the courtroom, send audio signals to the headsets using infrared waves:
    • Channel 1 broadcasts the language interpretation.
    • Channel 2 broadcasts the proceedings for those requiring hearing assistance.
  • Microphones: Desktop microphones are used at the judge, clerk, probation, and attorney locations. The microphones on the counsel tables have privacy mute buttons, which mute the microphones as long as the button is pressed.
  • Speakers: Speakers are located throughout the courtroom with dedicated speakers at the judge, reporter, witness, and jury locations.